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At Red Circle Solar we sell top quality, competitively priced solar hot water systems through a specialist distributor network. We aim to make the whole process as easy and as flawless as possible, providing training, CONSULTATIOn and support to both the distributor network and also the retail consumer.

Solar hot water is our specialty Red Circle Solar design and import evacuated tube solar hot water systems and solar hot water accessories that are cost effective and versatile, suiting almost any application. We specialise in in stainless steel close coupled systems; split systems; and CO2 heat pumps, so no matter what your solar hot water requirements are, we can tailor a package that will suit your needs.

Close coupled solar hot water: The tank and evacuated tubes are both on the roof and the heat from the evacuated tubes thermosyphons into the tank, removing the need for a circulation pump. Combining a low pressure tank with a mains pressure domestic water supply, this style of system is easy to connect to a wood fire without compromising on water pressure. The 30-meter copper heat exchange coil operates at mains pressure, and extracts the heat from the tank as it is being used. The lack of moving parts in the design makes this our most cost effective solar hot water system.

Split system solar hot water: The solar hot water storage tank is on the ground and the evacuated tube solar collector is on the roof. The heat from the solar collector is pumped back to the tank which is controlled by a temperature differential controller. Once the tank is hot the controller turns off the pump. This type of system can be boosted by an electric element, gas booster or used as a pre heat to existing hot water systems.

Sanden heat pumps (C02). Red Circle Solar is a loyal dealer of Sanden Heat Pumps for Melbourne. With a COP (coefficient of performance) of 5 the Sanden Heat Pump is the most efficient heat pump available in Australia, using only 900 watts to generate 4500 watts of heat! Magic? Almost, but no. The efficiency comes from the use of a compressor that takes the ambient heat from air, and passes through a CO2 heat exchanger, which compresses the CO2 gas. As the pressure of the gas goes up, the temperature of the gas increases. The heat is then transferred to the water stored in the tank ready for use in the home or business.

Solar hot water accessories: Red Circle Solar also sells many other solar hot water products, including titanium heat exchangers; pumps; controllers; hydronic buffer tanks; and Thermann gas boosters.

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