Welcome to the Red Circle Solar price list page.

Not many companies in our industry advertise their prices. Which might seem strange to you - the consumer. We’ve tried to make our website as close to one that we would want if we were in your shoes – useful information about a wide range of useful products, and prices so that you can get an idea of whether our products are a viable solution to your needs. We don’t believe in making you fill out a form to request a price list, you don’t know us yet and you might think we will harass you with phone calls and emails to try and get a sale out of you? We will NOT email or call you unless requested or if there is relevant information about your order/quote that you need to know.  So please find all the prices below. Please call/email us if you have any questions, or if you are a plumber/retailer looking to start using our products for your clients and projects.


Also, down the bottom of this page, there is information on the buying process  which explains how everything works if you wanted to purchase a product/system from us.

Exegi Duplex stainless steel tanks (Tank only – for hot water storage and hydronic buffer tank applications)

These are boiler buffer tanks, hydronic heating tanks, solar hot water storage tanks, or hybrid tanks that combine all of the above. It’s hard to simplify what these tanks are, but essentially they are mains pressure Duplex stainless steel tanks, with the option of having one or two heat input coils and back up electrical elements. There are so many applications that people buy these tanks for. The prices below are for the tanks only, and there is really nothing included other than the tank itself.


Split-systems (Exegi Duplex tank on ground, evacuated tubes on the roof)

This is easily our most premium offering. Not as cheap as the tank on the roof, but more efficient, suitable for almost every building, more durable and easier to install. These systems comprise of an Exegi Duplex stainless steel tank on the ground, evacuated tubes on the roof (or wall/ground mounted), an efficient circulating pump, and a digital controller. The system also includes the manifold and frame for mounting the tubes, the frame has two options: (1) Mount the tubes flat on the roof. (2) Mount the tubes at a 40 degree angle.


Manifold only (Evacuated heat pipe tubes, manifold and frame)

You may have an existing tank, you may have bought different components from different businesses,whatever the reason, you might need just the manifold kit from us. This includes the manifold itself, the evacuated tubes (with heat pipe inserts) and a mounting frame (which can be mounted either flat onto a roof, or at a 40 degree angle)


Sanden Heat pumps (the most efficient way of using electricity to heat your water)

Do you have shading issues or a very steep roof with difficult access? You can still have solar hot water! For anyone not wanting to use evacuated tubes or a wood fire to boost their hot water the Sanden Heat pumps have been our go-to solution for years. The Sanden Heat pumps have long been the leader in the heat pump industry, incredibly quiet and amazingly efficient at turning electricity into hot water.The prices below include the hot water storage tank, the compressor that sits alongside or above it (and heats the water), the plumbing installation kit, and includes shipping from the manufacturer to our Williamstown warehouse.


Commercial/Agricultural (solar swimming pools, farms etc)

In addition to some of the above products, we also have a range of items that best suit commercial and agricultural applications. These are items such as extra large hot water storage tanks and titanium heat exchangers.


Close-coupled systems (tanks on roof, with evacuated tubes going into the tank)

By far the cheapest way to boost a solar hot water system using a woodfire. This on roof tank comes with either a 15 degree or 40 degree frame included in the price, the package includes the horizontal on roof tank, the evacuated tubes, all seals, and the fill kit (to keep the low pressure water topped up)


Accessories/spare parts (valves, controllers, pumps, anodes, etc)

Whether you are replacing a part on one of our systems, or you want small specific parts for a project, feel free to purchase any of our spare parts listed below.


Buying process

·       Choose what you want to purchase. Use all the resources on the website to help you make your decision. Feel free to call us for a chat if you need help, or talk to one of our installers and stockists if they are local to you (link to installers page).

·       You may be interested in the installation costs before purchasing. We do not do any installation work, but we work in closely with plumbers who do. Have a chat with your local installer (link to installers page), they should be able to give you a good idea of what the costs will be without even going out to your property.

·       Once you know what you want to order, you need to make contact with us. You can request a quote through the website (link to quote request page), or you can call us. If it’s small purchase (under $400) just give a call and pay over the phone (1.2% fee for Credit Card purchases). If it’s a bigger purchase, generally people do an electronic funds transfer to avoid any fees, all our bank details are on our quotes and sales orders. If it’s a bulky item, the quote stage is where delivery costs will be finalised.

·       Whatever timeframe you are working on, you should call us to check availability - some projects are urgent, some are months ahead, and whichever is true for you, please keep us up to date so we can ensure stock availability. We try to keep everything in stock, but sometimes we fall a little short as demand is hard predict despite our best efforts.

·       After you have received your quote or sales invoice, you will need to pay us before you get the goods. We need the funds in our bank account before we will release any goods. If you are doing an electronic funds transfer, this may take a couple of days to show up in our bank account, so a transfer on a Thursday may not appear in our bank account until Monday for example.

·       We pack the goods up once the quote/sales order is accepted, and arrange freight/postage if required. As mentioned above, nothing will be dispatched until we have been paid in full, (including our wholesale division) so bare this in mind when making your purchase. Once it is clear to be dispatched, we release the goods. We will then contact you to give you an update on the ETA of your order and provide Con notes or further details.  It is also worth noting that when using freight companies to send goods interstate, we try to dispatch earlier in the week (Monday to Wednesday) as this way there is less handling and therefore less chance of damage to goods.