Ground mounted storage tanks                                        

Split System Solar Hot Water

Red Circle Solar provides high qualitysplit system solar water heaters with amazing installation services. These water heaters come with the following options:

Ø  Stainless steel ground-mounted storage tanks

Ø  Evacuated tube heat pipes

Function of Split System Solar Water Heaters

The split system solar water heater operates with the help of electricity and the setup comes with a tank at ground level and the cool water is circulated through the solar collector (absorbs heat extracted from the sun) using an electric Circulation pump. This system also guarantees the ideal utilisation of the sun's free energy. These split system solar hot water heaters designs have the following benefits:

Ø  Gives maximum flexibility of installation locations

Ø  Easy to install and even relocate

Ø  Potential to keep a huge amount of water hot for a longer period

Ø  Storage tank of the split system solar hot water is mounted at ground level, thus it will not damage the aesthetics of your home

Ø  Solar collectors collects/harvest the solar energy and transfer it to the water

Ø  Resistant to storms or other extreme weather conditions

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