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Q. Who owns Red Circle Solar?

A. Red Circle Solar is owned and operated by Luke McMillan and David Ashby. It is an Australian company with no off-shore backing.


Q. Where are the Red Circle solar hot water systems made?

A. China.  The systems were designed in Australia and are made to order for Red Circle Solar.  Red Circle Solar holds approx 40-80 systems in stock at all times.


Q. What warranties come with the systems?

A. 5-10 Years on all tanks, 10 years for manifolds, evacuated tubes and frames. 1 year on all electronic components and float valves.


Q. How strong are the evacuated tubes and how much are they to replace?

A. It might be worth having a look at our video on how strong the tubes are (link)

The Tubes can break. They are tested to meet all Australian standards and only cost $25 to replace. We have replaced  a few  tubes over the years  due to hail/storm damage which was covered by the customers insurance. They also had broken windows and perspex.


Q. Does Red Circle Solar install solar hot water?

A. NO. We have a a group of stockist/ installer companies that can help you with supply and installation. If you would like to use your own plumber, we are more than happy to talk through the installation with them.