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Duplex stainless steel tanks are now available!!!  Please click HERE for more information about the Exegi product range. 

Commercial Hot Water Storage Tanks and Boiler Buffer Tanks

2205 Duplex Stainless steel mains pressure storage tanks.

Boiler Buffer Tanks are available in no coil, single coil or double coil configuration.  

Hot Water Storage Tank sizes available in 200ltr, 300ltr, 400ltr and 500ltr.  

Key benefits to the Exegi 2205 Duplex stainless steel hot water storage tanks are:

  • Made from tough 2205 Duplex stainless steel
  • Sacrificial anodes come standard.
  • Rubber feet to keep tank of the ground to eliminate the bottom of the tank from rusting.
  • 25mm-32mm ports to increase application options. 
  • 3 x sensor ports.
  • 2.4KW-4.8KW electric element boosting options.
  • 28mm Stainless steel corrugated heat exchange coil options. 
  • Drain port.
  • Ring main return port.
Tank ports.JPG