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Duplex stainless steel tanks are now available!!!  

The 10 features and Benefits of an exegi storage tank:

  1. Made from tough 2205 DUPLEX stainless steel. Last longer, more rust resistant, Longer warranty and the best value for money tank in Australia!

  2. 200-500ltr tanks in stock! Tanks to suit any size application. We can also make custom tanks up to 2000ltrs!

  3. Internal heat exchange coils available. Tank to suit wood fire heating, solar heating, pool heating, hydronic heating. We have your project covered.

  4. Drain ports as standard. Easier to maintain and service.

  5. Rubber feet under the tank to eliminate the bottom of the tank from rusting. Rest assured your tank has been designed with longevity and ease of use in mind.

  6. Larger tank ports. You can run multiple showers without pressure drop.

  7. 3 x sensor ports. Options, options, options! Tanks to suit every application.

  8. Sacrificial anodes come standard. Just another design feature to make sure your tanks last as long as possible!

  9. Electric element ports. If needed you can boost you tank with an element. Or gas, or wood, or geo thermal or a heat pump! Basically you can boost with anything you want!

  10. 10 year warranty. You want the best? Get a Duplex exegi storage tank. We stand by our warranty which means you do not have to worry.

Tank ports.JPG