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Sanden Heat Pumps

Red Circle Solar is proud to be a loyal dealer of Sanden Heat Pumps in Australia.  

We believe that the Sanden Heat Pumps are the best heat pumps on the market. We love offering these heat pumps as an option to our customers because quite often Sanden is the best solution for their domestic hot water needs. We have sold hundreds of these Sanden heat pumps over the years throughout Melbourne, as well as in frigid, frosty parts of Victoria and have only had good feedback on their performance.  

Sanden Heat Pumps: Energy Efficient Heat Pumps

Sanden heat pumps offer the highest efficiency (COP of 5) of any heat pump available on Australian Market and are backed by Sanden international, a company that has been in operation since the 1940's. System sizes are available in 160ltr,  250lttr and 315ltr tanks and all come with the CO2 Sanden compressor. Installing a Sanden Heat Pump would yield the highest energy efficiency and reduce your energy bill on your hot water system and are eco-friendly as well.

We have included some useful resources regarding Sanden Heat Pumps for you below, so please click on the links to view or download the documents.

For more information on the Sanden products please Contact us to discuss. 

Sanden ECO plus Heat pump Installation manual

Sanden Heat pump Key benefits (link)

Sanden ECO plus brochure and technical details

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