Titanium heat exchangers

Red CircleSolar sells and provides installation services for solar heat exchangers, titanium heat exchangers, and hot water heat exchangers in Australia. The titanium heat exchangers are suitable for salt water as well as chlorine water. These are usually used in solar pool heating applications. These solar heat exchangers are rust proof, hence highly efficient and durable.

Check out the nominal performance and specification table given below.

Benefits of Titanium Heat Exchangers

We provide you with the best quality titanium heat exchangers that work well for decades, so buying one would be a very economical choice to make. These are very cost-effective, as they do not need much of maintenance as well.

These hot water heat exchangers provide superior corrosion resistance and deliver high heat transfer efficiency. High performance, small size, and low weight are critical requirements for a hot water heat exchanger. The titanium heat exchanger also has the following benefits:

Ø  Durability

Ø  Low Maintenance Cost

Ø  Resists Chemical Attack

Ø  Suitable for all kinds of pools, including Salt & Saline water

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Titanium tube heat exchanger

Titanium tube heat exchanger