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After 7 years experience in the solar hot water industry, Red Circle Solar was formed in 2012 to make high quality versatile solar hot water system available to everyone at a fair price. Based on our knowledge of the industry, we honestly believe that our systems provide a unique combination of excellent quality, efficiency and affordability not found in the systems of the main solar hot water companies in the marketplace.

We are genuinely passionate about providing the highest level of service that we can to all customers, whether direct to public or to our distributors. We really aim to be the best in this respect, and constantly strive to make our processes as simple and efficient as possible.

Red Circle Solar is a 100% Australian owned company.



At Red Circle Solar we believe that heating water using only gas or an electric element is incredibly inefficient. The technology is available to use the natural resources we have in abundance to not only save money but also honour the planet.  Our Aim is to make this technology available to everyone at a fair price and  we will strive to make the whole process as easy and as flawless as possible.


We believe that a good quality solar hot water system should not be expensive. We believe that our systems are up there with the best systems available in terms of efficiency and quality, but at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.


If you’re looking to save money, you’ll be looking for a system with a quick return on investment so that you can enjoy your savings as soon as possible. If you’re looking to save the environment for a small investment you can begin using the sun to heat water, thus reducing your dependence on fossil fuels.  Using your hot water should be a guilt free, enjoyable experience


Red Circle Solar’s hot water systems have been developed over the last 10  years with ease of installation, efficiency and versatility in mind. Our systems can be used with an electric boost,  a gas booster, as a solar pre-heat, and is one of very few systems that can be coupled directly with a wood heater (and a fraction of the price of the other systems). Each system comes with an easy to use installation manual, ensuring installation is as efficient and trouble free as possible, saving you money.



Our aim at Red Circle Solar is to be  a pleasure to deal with. We know our products and we put our customers first. We’re easy to get hold of, and we’re available to help with system design, installation trouble shooting, and any other questions that you may have.


All systems comply with Australian standards and have watermark certification.  Our Solar hot water systems are all high quality evacuated tube systems using stainless steel tanks, copper manifolds and heat exchangers. Red Circle Solar units receive a 5-10 year warranty on the tank (depending on the system),  10 years for the evacuated tubes, manifold and frame. The warranty on the pumps, controllers and all other electronic components is 1 year.


Our pricing is simple and straightforward.  There are no STC’s or VEECS on the systems, which means that you pay the same price for the system regardless of the geographical location of the installation or the type of system that is being replaced. There is no rebate related paperwork, and you get a great quality system at a great price, because we have not spent a ridiculous amount of money to get the system to qualify for the rebates. On top of all of this, when a consumer sells on their rebates, it is sold to another company to allow them to offset their CO2 pollution. We believe it’s better to keep the money in your pocket by keeping our prices low.